Kaela Roy

Web Programmer

About Kaela

What I love most about working in this field is that it is constantly changing and updating. The web of today is so different than that of even a few years ago, and this always keeps me on my toes, striving to learn more about how best to deliver an experience that users can enjoy. I want to make sure everyone can access each site with ease, which is why I focus a lot on graceful degradation for older browsers and disabled scripts.

My latest favourite thing is mobile first development, because it just seems so obvious! Even I spend most of my time browsing on my phone, so it makes sense to ensure a seamless experience for everyone, regardless of what device they are using. Having worked exclusively on responsive sites recently, it's become very intuitive to build a site with a mobile first mindset.

When I'm not thinking in code, I spend my free time crafting, sewing, and playing all kinds of games. I love anything that can involve a group, I don't think you could have a better time than kicking back with good friends.